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Exim Engineering is a Senior Flexonics Pathway serving the west coast.

Exim Engineering is a leading supplier and distributor of Power Transmission Products, Conveyor Components, Gear Box Units, Speed Reducers, and Safety Products in Southern California.  For over 25+ years, our highly trained and skilled staff is ready to serve you with a detailed and technical understanding of our products and services to meet your requirements and fully support your needs.

Senior Flexonics Pathway has quite a legacy reaching back to 1902. The company has been a pioneer in providing solutions to movements in high pressure and temperature process equipment.

At every turn and through every transformation, the company has hired innovators and entrepreneurs. As a result it is a founding member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers’ Association. It deployed innovations such as the ‘Floating Hardware’ design, early warning ‘Red Top’ gauges and developed technical papers for some of the most vexing problems in the industry.
Senior Flexonics Pathway remains unique in its focus on engineering solutions first and foremost.

We bring value to our customers with products that outlast and outperform others. We remain solid partners to the Process Licensors and major EPCs worldwide.

The legacy continues today with; the strongest stable of young and experienced engineers, in-shop and field craftsmen that bring tribal skill and knowledge to a new plateau and continued investment in the best technologies.

We look forward to another 100 years of building new plant processes and supporting the unparalleled legacy on existing installations.

Featured Products

Metal Expansion Joints

Metroflex Dampers

FAB Expansion Joint

L2P Series

Cost efficient for large ducting applications

Lower initial cost compared to a metal expansion joint

Lower repair/replacement cost compared to a metal expansion joint

Can be installed over existing metal expansion joints

Negligible spring forces

Large movement capacity

Can absorb movements in multiple planes

No size limit (large fabric expansion joints can be provided in multiple pieces)

Bolt-in or weld-in