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About Rewitec

Ever since the wheel was invented, innovative people have been looking at the issue of friction and wear, so the development of technologies for optimising friction and suitable surface coatings goes back a long way. Losses caused by wear and tear in bearings, gearboxes and similar units, are remarkable: Every year the economies of industrial countries record losses of about 5 percent of gross domestic product. To reduce this high number and boost the life and performance of stressed systems in the long term, the Central Hessian company REWITEC® has come up with an unprecedented product portfolio.

Founded in 2003, the technology company has set itself the task of promoting the longevity and energy efficiency of systems, machinery and gearboxes. With the development of nano- and micro-particle based lubricant additives, REWITEC® focuses on the sustained running time of treated engines and gearboxes and would thus like to make a considerable contribution to energy friendliness. With the objectives of protecting investments against wear and excessive energy consumption and achieving system security and ease of repair, the medium-sized lubricant specialist REWITEC® markets its solutions worldwide. In terms of its own development, however, the independent company attaches great importance to high-quality production in Germany. For this reason, the entire research, development and production takes place at its headquarters in Lahnau.