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Exim Engineering is a leading supplier and distributor of Power Transmission Products, Conveyor Components, Gear Box Units, Speed Reducers, and Safety Products in Southern California.  For over 25+ years, our highly trained and skilled staff is ready to serve you with a detailed and technical understanding of our products and services to meet your requirements and fully support your needs.

Exim Engineering partnered with JADCO Manufacturing  a leading global provider of unique solutions to combat impact and abrasion challenges for over 40 years.

JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, product quality and on time delivery to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


We are a leading provider of solutions for impact and abrasion challenges. We commit ourselves to providing unrivaled technical expertise, quality, and customer service.

Featured Products

If you are looking for an industry that isn’t listed above, please contact JADCO and learn more about applications to solve your greatest wear challenges.


JADCO has an elite line of tube trusses that can save companies a fortune in time and money. By equipping your outfit with tube trusses, you can eliminate crippling damage and costly stops in production.



We specialize in helping companies to minimize waste and ensure first time fitting of wear parts on equipment. Allow us to create wear kits made specific for your equipment.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN

Material Handling Application

By upgrading to our industry-leading QT-PLUS® screens, you can improve from commodity grade to a higher quality solution that is going to last you two or three times longer. 

Asphalt and Road Milling

Constructing quality roads is an incredibly important task that takes a significant amount of time and preparation to execute properly. From working out designs to laying the foundation and base layers to applying the actual asphalt.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN


Critical component availability is key under the demanding and ever-changing conditions in tunneling. Underground change out is also a challenge, so get a greater wear life out of your parts with JADCO.

Concrete and Cement

Concrete and Cement operations have their own special set of equipment, and therefore their own unique set of potential problems that require the use of JADCO products. In concrete, most of the aggregate material that is used is found in the form of fine crushed stone, sand, and gravel.

Waste and Recycling

When your products are facing these demanding issues on a daily basis, it is imperative that they have the strength to handle the wear. Products that cannot withstand the high levels of wear and grappling will break down easily, leading to costly downtime and even more expensive repairs.



We have worked with countless companies to extend the wear life of their equipment in aggregate processing and handling environments.
Whether you are looking to extend the maintenance cycle of truck beds, chutes, tube trusses or screens, we can help you to find the best solution to save you time and money.


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