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Exim Engineering is a leading supplier and distributor of Power Transmission Products, Conveyor Components, Gear Box Units, Speed Reducers, and Safety Products in Southern California.  For over 25+ years, our highly trained and skilled staff is ready to serve you with a detailed and technical understanding of our products and services to meet your requirements and fully support your needs.

We partner with IPSEN to provide comprehensive  service and support for heat treatment and assistance with developing your process, factory layout planning and integration with current production processes and factory operating systems. You can also count on our responsive team in association with IPSEN to help keep your equipment running at peak performance and minimize costly downtime through upgrades, retrofits, parts, maintenance, service and training.


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As a growing organization and leading manufacturer of heat-treating systems, Ipsen is continually hiring talented, motivated individuals

TITAN vacuum furnace

Ipsen’s TITAN vacuum furnace is designed to run multiple processes, increase efficiency, and lower production costs. With a small footprint and fast delivery, the TITAN minimizes floor space and maximizes uptime.


Turbo Treater Product Line

Ipsen’s Turbo Treater internal quench vacuum furnace offers fast cooling rates and high-pressure gas quenching for enhanced part quality. This multi-purpose furnace is available in several load sizes, horizontal or vertical configuration, with an all-metal or graphite hot zone.

Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN


Ipsen’s Turbo²Treater, re-engineered for ease of installation and global operation, features high quench speeds and uniform cooling and heating.

Ipsen DS Vacuum Furnace

The Ipsen DS Vacuum Furnace brings the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Powder Metallurgy industries forward with an ideal furnace for debinding and sintering applications.
Invertek ODP-2-36200-3H042-MN

Metal Master

Ipsen’s Metal Master external quench vacuum furnace combines high-quality performance with proven technology for repeatable results. This cost-effective furnace is available in several load sizes, horizontal or vertical configuration, with an all-metal or graphite hot zone.

Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace

Ipsen’s vacuum aluminum brazing furnace features individually controlled heating elements that surround the work zone, minimizing cycle times and providing precise, uniform heating of the workload.

Vacuum Oil or Gas Quench Furnaces (VOQ)

With either oil or inert gas quenching up to 2 bar positive pressure, the two-chamber design of the VOQ can meet your changing application needs.

VFS Vacuum Furnaces

VFS offers vacuum debinding and sintering furnaces, as well as external or internal quench vacuum furnaces. VFS furnaces are made for effective applications, optimum performance, greater efficiency and ease of use.


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