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Exim Engineering is a company that provides Power Transmission Products, Conveyor Components, Gear Box Units, Speed Reducers, and Safety Products. For over 25 years now our talented staff has been able to provide you with the necessary information and support so that you can meet your needs perfectly

A sampling of Exim’s leading industrial partners include:

Radicon Drive systems: Radicon is a market leader in the design and manufacture of geared motors, industrial reducers, screw jacks, and couplings.

Exim is their only factory approved “Rapid Build Center” in Southern California. Our response time for replacement reducers or gearboxes is typically measured in hours.

Our extensive inventory allows Exim to quickly and easily assemble gearboxes from 1/4 HP to 20 HP. We also have a wide range of ratios available, starting at 3:1 and going all the way up to 3600:1

Boston Gear: Boston Gear product offering includes the industry’s largest line-up of reliable speed reducers, gearing and other quality drivetrain components.

Baldor Reliance ABB motors: The world’s leading marketers, designers, manufacturers and service providers of industrial electric motors, generators, and mechanical power transmission products.

Worldwide Electric Corp: WEC is the largest independent importer of electric motors in the USA with extensive stateside inventory.

Precision Torque Control Inc.: For over 20 years, a specialist in providing solutions for tensioning and torque limiting applications in the manufacture of bottle-capping headsets, chucks, and retention knives.

Cinch Seal: A leading manufacturer of Rotary Shaft Seals. Cinch Seal provides sealing solutions for industrial processing equipment in a variety of industries.

Bijur Delimon: Bijur Delimon offers the industry’s widest selection and best combination of Automated Lubrication Systems.


Leybold’s wide range of products includes: pumps, components, and instruments. Their products are found in a wide variety of applications, based on their specific design criteria and the application.

Exim Engineering’s extensive product offering and heavily stocked warehouse, skilled technical support, and fast-turnaround & competent repair services are some of many the reasons we continue to grow and succeed.

Exim is a company that offers safety products to many different industries and markets. We have a warehouse full of hardhats, masks, respirators, vision protection equipment, hearing protection devices, gloves etc. In addition to these supplies we also provide ladders and other tools for use in multiple applications at work. So if you need any type of safety product please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Invertek Drives: Leading manufacturer of Variable Frequency Drives The complete package for world class motor control.

Fuchs Lubricants: Fuchs focuses on lubricants and offers solutions for all requirements and fields of application in the world of lubricants.

Elecon Engineering Company Ltd : Elecon has unmatched expertise in providing custom-made Gearboxes for Steel Mills, High Speed Turbines, Sugar Mills, Marine Applications, Plastic Extrusions, Cement Mills, Rubber Mills, Hydro Turbine, Windmill Gearboxes and many other applicatios and industries.

SEW Euro Drive Gearmotor: SEW Euro drive offers a multitude of helical gearmotor ratios to meet most any requirement, while optimizing space requirements. SEW Euro drive offers a very diverse range of torque offerings and reduction ratios to fit a wide variety of applications.

KWS Manufacturing Company, Ltd. KWS is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of conveying equipment for the bulk material handling industry.

Reynold Jeffrey: Durable, strong and well engineered chains for critical applications in Cement & Aggregate Bucket and Elevator Chain applications.